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Hi Neill, I’m new here thanks to my son who devoured one of your Mega Robo Bros books we found at a Hampshire library yesterday… he read the thing TWICE!! It’s my job now to become obsessed 😆 we are lucky enough to have a school that fully encourages comics and the creating there of. We came across your books through Phoenix. We can’t get enough… hoping to approach our school to introduce more of what you do. Please help! Ps… comics = literacy ✊🏼 cheers Jana

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I find it continually strange that people put so much effort into criticising/dismissing artforms that they don't read/watch/etc themselves - which by default means they're ill-informed and not really in a position to cast judgement on the artform.

There are lots of musical genres I don't like, but I wouldn't think to try to argue to fans that the genre somehow "doesn't count".

Though, actually, this is worse, because it's not even specific to a genre but to an entire form. Much the same as the dismissal of video games. Although in that latter case it's largely a generational thing, and seems to be finally shifting away from the silliness of the 90s and 2000s. It's weird that comics STILL have this problem, given how mature and old a medium it is.

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